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The Egro OneMaximum performance in minimal space. The Egro one is the most compact coffee machine in its class - with the highest cup output. It has a host of features that ensure quality is not compromised by convenience and its modular nature means that it is very easy to tailor-make the ideal solution for your business.

Of particular interest are the stainless steel vertical brewing group for optimum quality, and the dual pump and frother head technology that ensures even quantities of milk are delivered when brewing two coffees. This also enables an incredibly fast milk delivery system - in fact "One" can deliver 250 cappuccinos per hour.

The Egro OneThe ONE Touch has an advanced user interface with a 5.7" touchscreen graphic display in full colour. The easy-to use user interface guides the operator through the the choice of products. The colour multipage system enables the staff to choose from 48 products, each one with its own attractive user-friendly icon.

Visual help the user to constantly monitor the machine's status by displaying which drinks are being served, the drinks queue, serving progress and the status of the machine. Text messages are also included with the machine's reporting system.


  • Single group super automatic bean to cup machines.
  • Highest in class cup output - up to 250 coffees per hour.
  • Vertical stainless steel brewing head.
  • Dual pump frother technology for optimum quality, speed and consistency.
  • Hygienic, automatic cleaning with unique milk line rinsing system.
  • Most compact machine in its class at only 30cm wide (5012).
  • Group head slides vertically to accomodate a variety of cup sizes.
  • Modular nature allows for a fully customisable system.
  • Easy accessibility to internal components allowing quick and easy maintenance.



Technical Data
Width : 300mm - 11.81inch
Width with Fridge : 600mm - 23.62inch
Depth : 570mm - 22.4inch
Height : 770mm - 30.31inch
Weight : 57 Kg
Weight with Fridge : 86 Kg


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