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The i-Steam on the Rancilio Classe 10This new totally automatic steam wand allows milk to be heated and frothed using a mix of steam and air, until a soft and remarkably compact cream is obtained. The innovative water system makes it the fastest and most powerful steam wand on the market (500 cc from 10°C to 65°C in 30 seconds). Two program selection buttons: "Cappuccino", to heat and froth the milk, or "Latte", to heat the milk only. The smart electronic control system injects air according to the quantity of milk present in the pitcher, giving constant quality time after time. When the programmed temperature is reached, the iSteam stops automatically. The user can set the final temperature of the drink and the quantity of air to be emulsified for both programs. The special stainless steel covering is heat-insulated to make it cool to the touch and extremely easy to clean.  Available for Classe 10 and Classe 9.

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